Taking Stock [01]

Making : an effort to declutter my life. I’ve realised I’m kind of a hoarder and I need to fix that.
Cooking : I can’t cook…
Drinking : Coffee. All day, Every day.
Reading : Currently not reading anything. I must fix this ASAP
Wanting : A little holiday with the partner. Just to get away from all the hustle and bustle of every day life.
Enjoying : The sound of the wind rustling through leaves on the trees outside. It’s really soothing.
Listening : Country. Ben (the boyfriend) has been on a country music kick and somehow it has infected me now.
Liking : that QLD’s winter this year isn’t actually cold, but it isn’t hot either. It’s probably what Autumn would be like if Australia didn’t just have two seasons – that being hot or cold.
Loving :  You know that trend that’s been going around with adult colouring books? I just got one the other day and it is awesome!
Bookmarking: DIY’s like crazy!
Watching : Binge watching Supernatural with the boyfie! I’ve finally convinced him to watch it with me!
Needing : This headache to go away! 😦
Smelling : Killer Queen by Katy Perry.
Wearing : It’s 3 in the afternoon and I’m wearing PJ’s. I’m on holidays though!
Thinking : I need to start sorting my life/future out.
Feeling : Not gunna lie, worried. I have something on tomorrow that has me feeling a little anxious.

{inspired by Keira , who was inspired by Sydney, who was inspired by Pip}

I really love the idea of this little post and might continue doing it every month or so. I quite enjoyed having some time to reflect on my current self and life. I don’t do that enough.

Here’s a blank copy if any of you guys want to give it a try 🙂
Making : 
Cooking :
Drinking : 
Reading : 
Wanting : 
Enjoying : 
Listening : 
Liking : 
Loving : 
Watching : 
Needing : 
Smelling : 
Wearing : 
Thinking :
Feeling : 

Until next time,
C xx


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